To the greens and beyond!

The mantis community upliftment programme hosted the primary children golfing improvement at fish river lodge this weekend from friday 24th to sunday 26th can also 2019. 40 young golfers from the township of port alfred arrived with their teach, golf pro, collin mavuso who become accompanied via the govt committee of the namato golf club, which is an association of veteran golfers originating from the townships and farms around port alfred. These golfers seek to in addition the attain of golf in the townships around port alfred and the farming groups of the sunshine coast. Collin mavuso is a golf seasoned currently on excursion who gave up his spot in the seniors tournament taking region in port elizabeth this weekend to accompany his forty mentees to fish river lodge. He spends his weekdays strolling the port alfred riding range at rosehill mall; a undertaking he entered into with dr wouter hensons 3 years in the past. The driving variety became a seed of hope inside the golfing community of the deprived areas around city and that's kept open with the aid of the beneficiant sponsorship of dr wouter hensons.

The younger aspiring golfers stroll from the township to rosehill mall on a daily foundation to pursue their passion for golf, for some this could be a 12km round ride, that is why collin strives to provide the golfers with at least one meal to make sure that they in no way practice on an empty belly. The partnership among stenden south africa and collin has long past from energy-to-electricity; with stendenís dating with mantis and fish river resulting within the mantis network upliftment golfing kids development weekend.